A Cost-Cutting Option

Teacher training through real-time video streaming allows Christian schools to avail themselves of this service without having to pay for Dr. Overman's travel to the school or provide accommodations while he is there. This is a significant cost-savings. 

Training is possible anywhere in the world with sufficient Internet capacity.  

Format and Content

Dr. Overman provides 6 total hours of on-line training presented in three 2-hour sessions using ZOOM live video streaming.

The training is done over a period of 3 days. These days may be consecutive, or they may be spread over whatever period is determined by the hosting organization, within a maximum time-frame of 3 months.

The title of this training workshop is, God's Pleasure At Work.

Session 1 (first 2-hour segment): "How to Connect Any Subject (at any grade level) with the 'Bigger Picture' of a Biblical Worldview." This session explains how connecting any subject matter with the bigger picture of a biblical worldview makes education authentically Christian. Two practical lesson-design tools (the "Conversation Starter" and the "Activities Contextualizer") are presented.

Session 2 (second 2-hour segment): "The Lost Purpose for Learning." This session explains whey Christian schools should exist, what their purpose ought to be, and how we can rid the next generation of the debilitating "Sacred-Secular Divide." A practical lesson-design tool (the "Awesome Activator") is presented.

Session 3 (final 2-hour segment): "How to Help Students Take Every Thought Captive to Christ and Not Be Taken Captive by False Worldviews." This session deals with the challenges of false worldviews and how to equip students to spot the "baloney" when it comes their way. A practical lesson-design tool (the "Truth & Baloney Detector") is presented.

Participants who attend all 6 hours will receive 1 CEU recognized by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Endorsements, Cost and Other Details

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If you wish to speak personally with Dr. Overman about this service, you may request a phone or video conference here.

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